Keen Entertainment wtih a huge amount of instruments, percussions and bold harmony vocals

They still had time to spend, the train was gone anyway, the next one would not come within two weeks. On could have done other stuff, sure. But the dancing-thing didn’t go that good, so the three singer/songwriter Marino Carlini, Dodo Leo and Thomas Martin decided to let a project fall from heaven, which wouldn’t find any equal thing, when it comes up to standart of lunacy and intellectual dimension, on surprising and barefaced charm. The keen idea, to accompany eachother for to bring their artistic creation on stage is obviously mindblowing itself.
Just the thought of the instrumentation; acoustic – and electric guitars, bass, cajon, banjo, sanifario, hellflute and percussion as well as winds in forms of kazoos and, as a matter of course, fabulous harmony singings just puts tears up on everyone and with a thunderoll and fiery lightnings just let adumbrate the dimesion of that herkulian idea…
Although it started very harmless, back then in January 2015. After all, the project
Carlini, Dodo Leo & Martin was only ment for one night and ran under the codename Frosty, Pils & Trash. But somehow it got out of control and now that the orbital squadron of keen entertainment has expandet itself into galaxies far far away, it can not be kept anymore, it’s too late.
But what happend, was no coincidence, it didn’t happen over night, oh no! It was indicated, that’s right, and the signs were very clear:
After in 2016, the exuberantly expected and from the critics in a struggle for countenance extolled release of the first record A Night At The Club, which has been introduced on the ensuing Tour in Germany and the Czech Republik, there where no bounds no more. Overhelmed with awards, celebrated by a ecstatic audience, the band had no other choice; a further record must have been recorded. And that’s when the revolutionary idea of a live-record was born: Corretto! in 2017.
Of co-co-course the trionautic bomb-boost started a tour for that release as well, led them through Germany and Austria – a triumphal procession itself, followed by lots of other awards, some as the very good finish as 14th at the 3-men-bobsleigh chapionships in Oberhasli/Switzerland.
In March 2018 the band took for the pre legendary »Tourdesuisse« through Germany and Switzerland, and on October 14th, the third and potentially quantum changing record 42nd Thunder Road, was released with the corresponding tour  in Germany and the Netherlands. One’s happy.
But still they’re not restrained only on live-concerts and records and such for to save mankind. In addition there were videoclips made! Oh yes, and in fact those kind, who will blow off your socks! Their very funky youTube-channel hosts keen entertainement for hours and hours.
Although ist started very harmless…