Lyrics »The Life And Times Of Johnny La Mosca«

Good Morning, Johnny!
At 8am, the heat is almost unbearable. The morning tortures into the day. The sun urges itself into every each facet of Johnny’s eyes. 
He is certain, that it might not have been the best idea, to spend the night in front of this station pub, which kinda smells like unwashed older gentlemen. 
Not a bad place for a fly indeed, but, there has to be more. Something better. Anything.
Guarda Qui
Solo un po, solo un po, solo un po, fin che la notte e buio

sempre un po, sempre un po, sempre un po, fin quando e troppo scuro

da quando tu lo cerchi, ma non lo sai, che con tuoi occhi non vedrai 

Ma senta dentro a te, e guarda qui che cé

Proprio qui, proprio qui, proprio qui, e solo mó e adesso

più di si, più di si, più di si, e mé, non far’ il fesso

Non centra mica niente, se tu lo vuoi, ma con tuoi occhi non lo puoi

Ma senta dentro te, e guarda qui che cé

Guarda qui, guarda li, guarda dove non lo pensi, lo troverai
Guarda qui, guarda li, gira il mondo, ma non lo trovi mai

Fin quando chiudi gli occhi e lo vedrai

Un certo vizio, non lo sai?
 Guarda qui che cé!

Prima qui, ora li, dopo qui, cosi che vai intorno

prima su, dopo giù, fin che ti senti come un pollo in forno

Da tanto tu lo cerchi, ma non lo sai, che con tuoi occhi non vedrai

Ma senta dentro a te, e guarda qui che cé

Guarda qui, guarda li…

Rough english translation:

Search Right Here

Just a little bit, just a little bit, just a little bit, until the night gets dark

Always a little bit, always a little bit, always a little bit, until it’s way too dark

Ever since you’ve been searching, but you don’t know, that with your eyes, you won’t see 
But look inside yourself, and see what you will find

Right here, right here, right here and only now and straightaway

More then sure, more then sure, more then sure, go on and don’t be silly

It sure matters, if you want it, but you won’t see it with your eyes

But look inside yourself, and see what you will find

Search right here, search right there, search it, where you’re not expecting it, and you will find 

Search right here, search right there, turn the world upside down, you’ll never find it

Until you close your eyes, it’s a little hint, don’t you know?

See what you will find

Now you’re here, then you’re there, to end up here again, that’s how you move on
Now you’re high, then you’re low, until you feel like a chicken in a roaster

You’ve been searching for so long, but still don’t know
you won’t see it with your eyes

But look inside yourself, and see what you will find

Search right here, search right there….

Where Is Happiness?
»Yes«, Johnny says, »maybe happiness isn’t around here, but somewhere else. There’s the 8:53am train to … well, away from here.«
A guy is standing on the platform, with his suitcase in his hand, »I’m gonna stick to him«, Johnny mumbles.
Standing At The Station
I’m standing at the station with the suitcase in my hand

I don’t know where to go and where I will land,

where I will land, where I will land,
 where I will land

And I’m not sure if this is the right day 
to go away

Take the first train, no matter where it goes

Up to the north or down to the coast

Up to the north, up to the north 
or down to the south coast

I take my seat a last goodbye, 
I close my eyes

Sometimes it’s easier to go than to stay

It’s easier to go and hide away

Sometimes it’s easier to go than to stay 

No more dues to pay, 
No more dues to pay

If you cannot think of words to improve your life

When your power is gone and you‘re too tired to fight

your power is gone, your power is gone 
and you‘re too tired to fight

if there is nothing left to keep you alive

no more hope in sight

Sometimes it’s easier to go than to stay…

»Venice! You city of love!« Johnny is overwhelmed. Never felt so close to happiness. 
If only he could share it. With a housefly. Or just a mayfly.
A Woman's Love
Is it `cos of their bodies? 
Is it `cos of their eyes?

Everything that I can see is a perfect reason to die

The gift of talking to ladies 
while I’m holding their hand

Dreams of waves and shore and our bodies lyin‘ down in the sand

Looking for appreciation 
to finally find a woman’s love!

Girl gives a promotion 
Driver gimme the fare

A smile of her kindly face and a briefly touch of her hair
Oh, I’m looking for appreciation 
to finally find a woman’s love!

A Woman’s Love (Tell me all about a woman’s love)

Giggling back in the girls room 
while I pick up the bill

I think that every penny’s worth that exciting thrill

Looking for appreciation 
to finally find a woman’s love!

A Woman’s Love (Tell me all about a woman’s love)

Boys never gonna ask why, 
Girls always try to alibi,

Every man will give his life for a woman’s love

A Woman’s Love (Tell me all about a woman’s love)

Together In A Gondola On The Grand Canal
Together in a gondola on the Grand Canal
La Gondola
The Bakery
Hunger suddenly tears him out of his dreams. He follows his proboscis and ends up in a bakery. Cool cherry cream, a nice apple tart, a ginger sling with a pine apple heart – Johnny rushes headlong into the sweet pleasure.

All the way back in the corner, Johnny sees a young man, just sitting there and seems to be dreaming away. But – no, he just can’t take his eyes from the young lady behind the bar. This young man seems to be in love! But, she doesn’t even notice him at all. Poor guy…
Forever Unrecognized
He is a young man unhappy in love 
and he can’t get her out of his mind

But for sure he knows he will never, 
never say she’s mine

Every day he goes to see her, 
She works in a bakery

She laughs at him and he orders 
a sandwich and a tea

But only lonely love is left to him, 
leaves a longing in his heart

like a soft unspoken promise 
forever unrecognized

When work is done, 
she locks the door and she goes back home

where her man and kids are waiting 
and he will sleep alone
On his way back home, he wonders 
what am I doing here?

But he knows for sure tomorrow 
he will return to her

But only lonely love…

The Stable Genius
Johnny’s gaze falls on the TV on the wall, and he sees an orange narcissistically man, who praises himself for making his country great again.

»Honestly, I’ve never seen any better than that. We have the most beautiful country in the world. I tell you. We have a huge airport. The most beautiful airport, we have all you need, no kiddin’, it’s the best. Our economy grows like never before. And I know things! I’ve got a huge brain. In fact, I have a very, very large brain. I’m a genius, I’m a stable genius.«
They’ll ever fight for our liberty, 
They have a winning mentality, 
No never doubt their integrity

Hey, Mr. President, I’m sure to be your biggest fan, you see?

Believer, side by side with the lord
, Receiver of gods blessings in court, 

No leaver, with peaceful weapons on board

Be sure they’re always honest and will never do it on their own accord

America, the global superstar

the people see how doggone cool you are!

God’s own Country loved by everyone

Guarantee of worlds security

home of the brave and land of the free 

We all can rely on Air Force One

No denyin‘, they’re our dearest friend, 
No lyin‘, proofs are always on hand,

No dividin‘, be sure for us they stand

and nobody could never say anything bad bout this land

America, the global superstar…

You are the savior of mankind

the iron fortress against all evil on this planet

A military ’n‘ economic mastermind

I confess it must be exactly how god planned it

America, the global superstar…

Something Is Rotten In The State
Johnny clenches his four fists. He even lets fall his coffee dessert out of his toes in rage. 
He had never seen such a bigheaded human being before. Or did he? 
Somehow he reminds him of cousin Marty, the megalomaniac idiot, who thought he could fly 
into the toaster. Wanted to make it big in Hollywood. What a jerk!
Who's The King
Look at me, I’m swingin‘, pretty sure I’ll make you think

I’m the king of the jungle baby, all those other guys they stink

I am wild on wire, smooth like an angel’s choir

here I am, the chosen one, to satisfy all your desires

Ohoohoooh – One fine day I’m gonna rule the world and make all mine, oh mine
Ohoohoooh – So you better keep in mind now: Who’s the king!

All I got to do is pick up my guitar and sing,
I know you like it honeybabe this is way much better 
than a diamond ring

I will make you love me, yeah, I will make you scream,

yes, I am the man on the scene, now, I’m your hero baby, I’m your dream

Ohoohoooh – One fine day…

Well I’m just too groovy, yeah, damn, I’m a rocky one

people say I’m very sexy well, I know, I’m a lucky son

I’m the strongest man, ‚cause I can really roar

I’m sure that Hollywood just waits to celebrate me as a star

Ohoohoooh – One fine day…

The Guide Inside You
At a table at the corner, he notices two young girls, 
who are talking dirty about someone on the monitor 
of their smartphones. All of this hatred, where does it 
come from? Where’s the love, that Johnny has 
heard that much about?
Choose Love
They’re talking dirty in a corner of the mall,

you’re hearing all those things and you don’t like it at all 

Reading all the written signs on the wall,

people wearing all their hate just like a chain and a ball. All right
 (Oh you know, I guess they didn’t have anything else to say or do?)

Man on the TV is `bout to changing my mind,

he says that our glorious nation is the one of a kind.
Preacher tell me `bout HIM and where he is to find,
Insurance companies send the docs that have be signed 
All right. Um, that’s right, that’s right
 (You better skip it, baby, keep it right outta ya mind!)

If there’s no guide inside you, don’t let your devil fight you, 
listen to your heart and you will know:

On every day, in every single hour,

in each and every moment of your life, choose love! 

You know you have to have to choose love!

Facebook makes believe that we have to kill,

and all the noisy little suckers start making me ill

Daily selfie pictures are everyone’s pill

Everyone wants your best, so keep on watching for their bill 
All right. All right 
(Start to sell your face, your body, your everything! Go on!)

On every day…
Don’t never let nobody get your common sense, 
give the world a chance to be your friend
(And let there be love!)

On every day…

Something Big
Live returns in each of his spines and hairs on his wings. He’s strong, his blood boils, the itch in his fourth arm doesn’t bother him much, ‘cause he’s back in the game!

He has no idea yet, but he wants to go for big things, to break the bonds of hatred.
Vola! (Hoya La Vadida)
Dentro lo sento – sono un eroe

Dentro lo sento – e pugno un leone

Dentro lo sento – se era forse un topo che fa?

Forte come un orso e sono lo stolto, lo vedi con un sguardo nell mio volto

ho messo un bacino sulla mia testa, sto bene sull ronzino 
Un uomo di gesta che

Vola! E schianta le strette e vola

anche se si rimette ma vola, con le fitte di fianco vola!

Uno che non si stancera mai – ecco un mulino la su!

Dentro lo sento – fischio quando e scuro

Dentro lo sento – nell capo troppo duro

Dentro lo sento – la paura mi lascia ballar’

Canto alla luna sotto suo raggio, l’inverno e passato, tornato il maggio

carrozza rugginosa ma che mi frega? Chi commanda il colore? 
E la strega che

Vola! E schianta le strette e vola

anche se si rimette ma vola,
con le fitte di fianco vola!

Una che non si stancera mai – ecco un mulino la su!

Sono il cavaliere con la figura tristo, seguendo Dulcinea, che mai ho visto

ma non che sono solo, in quell‘ che penso, ce Sancho sull mio volo
con suo buonsenso

Tutt‘ allegria in tutte le facce, che tocca ogni uno che si abraccia

l’orco è stregato, ma è facilmente! Lo vedo solo io? 
Ma chi mi sente?

Vola! E schianta …

Rough englisch translation:

Flies! (Hoya La Vadida)

I feel it deep inside, I’m a hero, 
I feel it deep inside, I’m fighting a lion

I feel it deep inside, if it ‚d be a Mouse, what difference would it make?

Strong like a bear but even though a fool, you can see it with a look at my face

Put a bowl on my head, feeling good on my nag

A man of deeds who…

Flies! To break the bonds and flies! 
Even if he throws up, he flies! 

And with stitches in the side, he flies! 
One who never gets tired

Look up, there is a mill

I feel it deep inside, I whistle when it’s dark
, I feel it deep inside, but my skull is much too hard

I feel it deep inside, the fear makes me wanna dance

I sing to the moon under its shine, winter’s gone, back has come may

my armor is rusty, but I don’t care! 
I spy with my little eye, something that looks like a witch, who…

Flies! And breaks the bonds and flies! 
Even if she throws up, she flies! 

And with stitches in the side, she flies! 
One who never gets tired

Look up, there is a mill!

I’m the knight of the sad countenance, following Dulcinella, who I’ve never seen 

But not that I’m alone in my certainty, I have Sancho with his acumen on my side 

the giant is bewitched, it is very simple! Is it only me to see? Can anyone hear me?

Fly! And break the bonds and fly!…

The Awaking
Johnny’s goal is nothing less, than to improve the world. Outside the bakery, a group of young people’s walking by. With banners. It shows how the earth is threaten to go down. That piques his interest.
Mother Earth
When mother earth cries and the sun refuse to shine

the rain falls like tears from the sky

When green grassland becomes desert and rivers run dry 

no child will sing, no bird will fly

Greed and money, war and death stops this world go round

Wealth and power are valued more 
compassions rarely found

When mother earth cries…

Heart beats so low, we’ll go down in flames

don’t ask for the reason, don’t ask me who’s to blame

You hold the key, turn it and see
that this day has not yet come

When mother earth cries…

Flies Of All Countries, Unite!
What did people do with the planet? The perception hits Johnny hard. The situation seems 
worse than expected. But can one fly alone make a difference? 
»But I’m not alone at all!«, he yells and instinctively feels, that the time has now 
come to bring his kind together, to join the people.
Come Along
Come, come along, let me hear your drum,
come on and let the peoples sing along

Do what you do, and bring someone in too,
it’s not only a thing for me and you

Can’t help a thing, the world is just a ring

and every single human is a link

So come, come along, you just can’t be wrong,

let everybody join into our song
Now the day is slowly coming to an end, Johnny sits on a rock, totally exhausted, pondering his thoughts. 
The voices of the young crowd and the excited hum of thousands of flies echo in his head. A big choir for the common endeavor for a better world. For a future.

»Are you satisfied?«
 Johnny opens his eyes, facet by facet: »What with?« And he looks into the most beautiful fly face he has ever seen. Actually, it also was the first female face he has ever seen.
 »With your life.« 
»Life? What is life?« 
»How do you imagine it?« 
»Imagine what?« 
»Well, life, you silly fellow,« and she showed the most heart-warming smile in the world, »if it were a painting, how would you paint it?«
La Tela

Ora sei il blu d’un celo

così pieno, così intero
e accendi un fuoco in ogni uno che ti vedra

Sei il sole, sei la fontana

sei il vento, la tramontana

e nessuno sa sottrarsi quell‘ amenità

E se la vita e una tela
che pennello prenderei? 
Che sentimento, che colore sceglierei?

Se questo mondo e una scena
in che figura ti vedrei ?
Sei il ridente, quell‘ che piange e non lo sa?

E poi sei il proprio nero
e dentro te ce niente vero

ci fai cadere dentro un scuro sempre giù, sempre più giù

Com‘ forse un mare così profondo

così grande che mangia il mondo

e il silenzio che rintona ci lascia più, ci lascia più

E se la vita e una tela…

Rough english translation:

The Painting

Now you’re the blue of a sky

so entire, so overwhelming

and you ignite a fire in everyone who sees you 

You’re the sun, you are the fountain

you’re the wind, you are the breeze

and no one can defy from that beauty

And if life would be a painting 
what brush would you use?

What mood and which color would you choose?

If this world would be stage

in what figure would you see yourself?

Are you the laugher, the one who’s crying but doesn’t know?

And then you are the deepest black

and in you, nothing is real

you let one fall into the darkness, always down, 
always further down.
Like maybe an ocean so very deep

so very large, that it swallows the world

and the droning silence will never stop, will never stop

And if life would be a painting…

»With you, my painting would definitely have more color. And it would be perfect.« 
He takes her two right hands and they go together towards the sunset.

Three months later.

Gina and Johnny already have a handsome number of 325’628 kids, as she suddenly asks him: 
«Do you think I’m too fat?« 
»You’re absolutely perfect,« Johnny says, stroking her proboscis.
Into Your Skin
Lend me your ears, lend me your eyes

lend me your heart, just for a while

When you’re in my arms and I’m touching your hand 
could I understand?

Understand the words, that I speak to you?

Do they have the same meaning, or something different, 
something new?

Could I use your eyes when you’re watching me

what would I see?

If I slipped into your skin

Could I see what you have seen?
Would I feel what you feel

when you’re holding me?

Are you worried, when I don’t come back home?

Are you afraid, when you’re alone?

Does your heart skips a beat when I return to you? 
Do you feel like I do?

The way you act is mystery to me 
And I don’t know how I would be

If I slipped into…

Recalling The Past
As Johnny sits in his rocking chair, with a blanket over
his knees, listening to Gina’s gentle snoring, he looks 
back at his life. The many adventures he had always 
done with smile.
The Days Of My Life
I won’t regret it, those ways I’ve been gone

I won’t forget all the things I had lost and all I had won
they all had been done with a smile 
with a foolish mind once in a while

I will remember the times I have had

it will always be a part of my soul – all the good and all of the bad
The faces are tails in my mind 
some got lost, but still ready to find

All those days of my life 
All the ways I have chosen to go

All solutions, conclusions and loose-ends that filled up the days –
all the days of my life, the days of my life 

So I still miss you, time of my youth 

A farewell-kiss to all of the girls, who on the way I had to let loose
The memories will open the door 
to the man that I was before

All those days of my life …

I didn’t waste too much time for some violence and hate
instead it was my fate that love is my state

those were the days, the days of my life

All those days of my life …

The End
»Yes, my dear?«
 »You’re not gonna leave me alone, are you?« 
»I will always be with you.« 
And while the final tune of the Hildtruth-Landfön-movie 
»Heart in the lake« appears, he takes her in his four strong 
arms and kisses her, like she’s never been kissed before.
Good Night
Are you afraid that there’s no shoulder you can borrow?

Are you afraid there’s none who takes you by your hand?

Are you afraid there’s none to tell you about your sorrows?

And are you scared that you might never understand?

I know the world seems big and blue these days

I know the world seems lost on its way

but may be I’m right here, `cause I’m the one

to tell you, that you’ll never be alone

to tell you, that you’ll never be alone

to promise you, that you’ll never be alone