Release: 05.05.2017

1. Dream On 04:45

2. I Got A Friend To Write Me A Song 04:45

3. Lento 08:26

4. Midnight Rain 03:40

5. Guarda Qui 05:49

6. Leave Your Hands Off My Guitar 06:48

7. Il Pollo Nella Zuppa 16:19

8. Mirror 04:38

9. Bring It On Home 05:31

10. Time 07:29

Name: Corretto!

Produced by: Carlini, Dodo Leo & Martin.

Recorded: During the »A Night At The Club-Tour« 2016

Engineered, mixed & mastered by: Peter J. Jordan at PJ-Music Hannover.

Pre-Engineering by: Andre Bollweg.

Artwork & Design by: Miriam Leo

Cover Photo by: Thomas Martin

Cover Photo Editing by: Alex Spiering

Recipe by: Dodo Leo

Marino Carlini: Leadvocals & A-Guitar, Backgroundvocals, Bass, Percussion, Kazoo.

Dodo Leo: Leadvocals, Backgroundvocals, E-Guitar, Cajon, Percussion.

Thomas Martin: Leadvocals, Backgroundvocals, A-Guitar, Banjo, »Sanifario«, Kazoo.

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Rapid-Fire-Interview zur Entstehung von Corretto!

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